Stripping out all Unwanted MIDI data

When I record MIDI takes with my MIDI keyboard using two hands I get like 8 notes on my track with delay information, velocity information, effect information, etc.

I don’t want this “human” effect and usually strip out all this ‘excess’ data to get a clean midi that is perfectly in time, without variation, and sterile. I like this sound.

Is there an automatic way to strip out all this excess, line everything up without delay, and order the notes asending, so I get this:

C-401 – | E-401 –

instead of-

E-401 23 0232 M02 V03 | C-401 30 0134 M01 VFF

I would dream of this function being called “strip MIDI to base data and align all” or similar

You can adjust the “Record & Play Filter” in your MIDI preferences to prevent certain messages being recorded.