Structure of file midi-mapping - help me

I program a new hardware mix-table (clic ->Table de Mixage Midi en développement). I have 2 questions:

  • do you have a documentation of XML format from midi-mapping file?
  • it’s possible to replace and by a [0…127] <\value>?

It’s very important, thank a lot

1 - What do you exactly want to do with the xml data? the xml data simply defines which message is being attached to which controller. Something you can’t really influence from the outside unless you program a script for it. You could always copy a device after you attached amidi command to it and them copy the clipboard contents into an editor, it will reveal the midimapping if i’m correct.

2 - If you want to make it listen to a specific value then make min = max (set both fields to the same value).

hey vV,

1 - I hope written myself a xml file but I have any information for this, do you have informations of content of this files?
2 - ok thank if min = max -> a value compare.