Stupid Cabinet Simulator Tricks

I want to see how you’ve managed to break the Cabinet Simulator. Showcase your nastiest noises and your silliest sounds.

Edit: Link delete

I’m trying to achieve some volume swells though, like this…

will be seeing what I can do in the future in terms of crazy tricks. the cab sim it mega perfect for d’n’b reese sounds, get’s the sounding really angry!

i have posted some cabinet simulator presets in another thread :D

For a bit more heavy metal feeling, put a “Distortion 2” with the “Shift” mode or a “Scream Filter” right before a Cabinet. Magically adds more harmonics to the distortion.

Also, i’ve been able to achieve very harsh and crisp crushed materials with the suggestion taktik made, but also adding (or mixing) some subtle DC offset on the input sound before it goes to the cabinet !

Be careful then !!!




eheh the cabinet DC trick come to town ! :D

great work Bungle !

1 track for the signal follower, slow release. Make it bounce

2nd track, scream filter + delay + cab sim

Signal follower on scream filt’s cut off. Set delay’s sliders to less than 50 ms. Crank up the feedback.

Fuck around with the cab sim settings. Signal follower bounce creates a wah wah sound, short delay makes it sound even more metallic.

Love how that dc offset correction button makes waveforms dance!

This should be a native effect!…