Stupid Chip Song

This is the musical result of me beeing happy. Just thought I’d share my happy mood…

short stupid silly nonsense chip tune
(you’ve been warned :))

cute one! :) fell in love recently or what?
people just don’t make enuff chiptunes :)
though if i had a secret wish i’d wanted it to sound a bit more raw lofi aliasing 8bitish.

Well done :D
I can certify that this song is good for dancing naked to. :yeah:

that raises the question, did you get naked because of the song?

owww, the pictures in my mind…

cute chip btw!

Cute. :D

Thanks all :)

Well, I was just feeling happy without any reason… and yeah, I thought of making it more 8-bittishy, but I started with only VSTi and then continued that way…

But now I’m hooked on chiptunes (it must have been like 10 years I did one last time :)) so maybe I’ll do another one and put some more energy to it.

I was thinking… isn’t this something different from just a “Chip Tune”?
All in all, “chip” tunes are supposed to contain chip sounds and so on…
We’re probably just speaking about “Unusual” melodics here :)
Whenever the beat is very straight and the chords are tendentially major, comes the feeling of dealing with chiptunes… you see what I mean?
Take Maf with his unique style… he “sounds” happy and joyfull… does this means he does “chip” tunes? And take your tune… do it with minor chords… and it will probably turn into a non-chip tune :)
We should definitely find a definition for such style…

And very much so!

Hum, how about writing a definition at wikipedia? With history etc, as the chiptunes has carried a substantial part of the demoscene for years, there is a REASON why you hear chiplike sounds, samples and melodic parts in several current radiohits.

It’s culture. It should be on official record somewhere for other than insiders to read…

Anyways, Johan your song is really a happy-maker. Also with the bridge at 1:48 you did a great job! Thanks for sharing your happy mood :)

[edit: was about to take part in that chiptune-discussion, but I found that it’s too much work in the end ;)]

just checked, there’s already a wikipedia entry for chiptune. here’s an excerpt:


Generally chip tunes consist of basic waveforms, such as sine waves, square waves and sawtooth waves, and basic percussion, often generated from white noise going through an ADSR controlled synthesizer.

Crack intros and demo scene intros came to feature their own particular style of chiptune music. Although chiptune could historically refer to any style of music, the term is mostly used today to refer to the style of music used in these intros, since other styles of music have moved on to more sophisticated technology.

More recent “oldschool”/“oldsk00l” or “demostyle” MOD music, although sample-based, continues the style of the chiptunes used in these intros; new compositions in this style can still be regularly found in places such as the MOD Archive Top 10[/i]

Parsec, you’re right of course. But what do you call it? I remember entering a chip compo back in my amiga scene days and noone believed I had only 5kb sample data cause it didn’t sound “chip” :) So it isn’t the file size which makes a song a chiptune.

Well, yes, but what are chip sounds? Looped short waveforms? That’s the base for many VSTi’s also, so not only samples are chip sounds. But when does it stop beeing a chip sound? When you add a filter? An ADSR? Or other effects?

I believe there are many chip songs in minor out there. The best definition of a chip tune is imho the one you just said: a feeling of chiptunes. If it gives the feeling of a chip tune, it must be one. Right?

Hmm… why not? We could use another hard to define hype word for this musical genre. :) Retrochip, elektrochip or maybe electronic chip music / ECM?

Maybe we could call this “extended” version of chipmusic as:


Like the recently branded genres “NuJazz” and “NuFunk”. Just a suggestion :)

Of course it is not the filesize itself… It’s what you do to sounds in order to have a small filesize that makes that “chip” sound.

Yes, something like that. In other words, when you add something you did not had in ProTracker at that time. This practically means that you will hardly hear any reverb at all on classic chiptunes… to name one.
While you’ll have PLENTY of delays because that was the cheapest effect available (simple copy and paste of the track to another channel, shifting the new track down a bit, changing new track’s volume)
There were attempts at “faking filters” but that was only possible by saving 4 or 5 copies of a sample, applying different amount of resonance to each and loading the set to Protracker in order to alternate samples during play to give the impression of “filters” applied somewhere. This offered an obviously poor grip on this effect and indeed sounded more like a stuttering “Morphing Sound” than else…
And most important… chiptunes, despite the presence of exotic trackers, were mostly developed on a 4 channels base. There was a very very strong influence coming from this “natural tech-limit”… compelling musicians to “alternate” samples to make it “fit” the pattern… in a way that got sort of lost with the arrival of FastTracker.

Well… yes… :D but I wouldn’t just put that ahead :)
It seemed like we were speaking about “chiptunes” and what makes em chiptunes… When someone will ask “What makes house music that way?” I guess we will not just reply “well… the fact that it sounds like house music” :lol:

Nuchip! I like this! :yeah: it gets my vote! :)

I think like Parsec, that making chiptunes was more of an artform, having
certain limitations. I think that in the “chiptune manifesto”, ADSR is ok if you
do them manually with volumeslides :) With 4channels came all the interesting
challenges. What interresting would golf be if each course would have no
holes? Manifesto also states that "Arpeggio function should be a necessity,
not an “extra” :)

This ch00n makes me wanna creat chip too :).

No… holes? You mean no “PAR”… like playing golf being able to hit the ball as many times as you want instead of going for the lowest number of strokes… ?
(a metaphor fetish, that’s what i am) :)

Definitely one of those elements you recognize at the instant.
All in all there was no other “cheaper” way to create “chords” at that time, if we exclude having samples of “chords”… but that went against size.
Speaking about the “natural limit” of 4 channels, this is one case where the only moment where you had “pure” chords was during intros… or bridges… because of the amount of “free” channels at that point.

Exactly :D You read my mind.

i dunno guys, there are great multichannel chiptunes that even use real chords…
and there are tunes - mostly from the dready idm genre - that sound very chippy, yet still are understood as ‘real’ (what’s the opposite of chiptune called btw?).

well there certainly are elements of sound and style that make a chip a chip, but at the end of the day i guess we’re talking about music which is a thing that feeds of inspiration, creativity and orginality…

in other words: i believe the most important factor is what the author wanted to create.
You often see this kind of meta-definition with music genres. take hardcore for example: there are hardcore bands that sound completely like guitar-pop, or metal, or whatever. Why are they seen as hardcore bands? because of the bandmember’s attitude, because they hang out with other hardcore kids, because they play on hardcore gigs and have their records on hardcore labels…

me personally thinks definition of music genres/ styles should be forbidden, it’s just crap.

Great track Johan! I love it. Repeat button active.