Stupid Question Ahoy (but It Would Really Help Me Out!)

is there anyway i can scroll through the samples in the disk browser so that they play automatically, i’m sure you used to be able to do this by holding down the ctrl key or something. i’m sure there must be a very simple way to do this but i’m lost.

any help would be gratefully received.


there’s a small square button left, middle of your browse window, hover the mouse over it, it will say ‘enable to preview samples when selecting them’

enable it ;)

if that isn’t working, make sure the ‘prehear’ slider isn’t all the way down, that’s top of screen too, under the ‘theme’ tickbox

And when that’s is done, the fastest way (I know) to listen to the samples (without using the mouse+click) is ALT+TAB until the “browser” is selected, then just navigate with the up and down-arrows and the samples will autoplay.

In case you thought that this was a bad joke (Alt + Tab switches Renoise away on Windows):
ALT+(SHIFT+) TAB on the Mac, CONTROL+(SHIFT+) TAB on Windows.

OH! Sorry. Thanks for the correction, taktik.

Of course I ment Ctrl + Tab! ( And Ctrl+shift+Tab for backwards)

And, no. It was no joke. :blink: