Stupid Rewire Question

i havent used rewire that much,but i just bought ableton live intro,how do i set it up,so that track 1 in ableton goes to track 1 in renoise track 2 to track 2 etc??

In Renoise:

In Live:

thanks alot

i really need to figure this out

lets say im making my drums in renoise,and i want to record the individual tracks from renoise to ableton live,for re-arranging in live,how do i do that??i cant seem to figure this out

thanks again

You need to arm the track/channel you want to record (turn on the button under the solo [S] button) and then either record your drums to clips or to arrangement view (press TAB and hit record from the main song controls).

i just tried what you said,and i can record alright but theres no sound what so ever?can you tell me what the settings should be in abletons mixer view should be??

it records but does not play back? If so then turn track monitoring form ‘In’ back to ‘Auto’…
hopefully this solved your problem.

got it working now,thanks

I’m glad to hear ;) You’re welcome!

i had to start ableton live first and then renoise

Oh yeah… of cause ;) The basic concept for declaring which application is the Rewire slave and which one is the master :P I assumed you had this set up already. my bad

nah completely new to rewire,i actually bought live intro to use it in rewire with renoise:)just need to get used to it:)thanks for all your help:)much appreciated