Stuppid Q: When Beta-ver Planned...?


be patient…

well i’m really looking forward for the public release…
coz i ain’t being registered :)

you see that ReNoise is becoming more and more stable each alpha version, so you can understand easily that the besta stage is coming up.

If no fatal bugs will show up, beta version will come shortly.

NOTE: This does not mean that you should not report tha fatal bug you have just found :)

NOTE-II: This does also not mean that next version will be beta for sure

This does also not means you have to remain unregistered! :P
What are you waiting for? :lol:

True !

Since the next version will be 1.5 anyway, registering now or when it’s done won’t change anything for your upgrading scheme.

it will, instead:

the latest release is now 1.281, so by registering now you will get updates for free until 2.1

registering after official 1.5 release will give you free updates until 2.4 (at an slightly higher price)

it’s hard register it for me now in Russian province, i haven’t visa or something… but i planning it.
If somebody got it in Russia, please tell me how to do it better.
So, betta is actual for me now.

Hmmz… Russia?.. doesn’t the Moscow CD market has any “adapted” edition of Renoise around?

I see your point. I had the same problem.
Here is a link to the Payment Methods you can use to get your Renoise registered.
If you have no friends or parents with a Credit Card… then I sugest you to go to your bank (well… I guess any bank will do the trick) and ask em about sending money via other means.

:huh: uh? :blink: What does Moscow’s CD market has to do with paying for Renoise? :lol:

Just wanted to say that I think the alpha now (PC) is stable enough to release the next version as a Beta…

The only problem I have is that it can’t be reopened after being minimized and not used for a long time…

And I also think that there should be some preset buttons added for instrument envelopes…

Yes I have read the thread and I will see if I can contribute to it, but the first time I got it was a few days and I have not had any time trying to reproduce it.

Hmmz… Russia = Warezheaven (cd’s that usually have to go for hundreds of bucks across the counter, will do for a few promille of that amount over there)
But not everything is as easy to get there that way.

Also getting a creditcard in Moscow is pretty expensive and most people do not have a bank-account there simply because banks there easily get bankrupt.
The economy is really strange there.

:o You’re not suggesting iLL’79 to get a pirate version of Renoise instead of registering legally, aren’t you? :huh:

:D I surely agree on their unstable economy… that’s no surprise since the whole structure of the very country is unstable as well… but what the hell… I guess they DO have enough banks in Moscow (along with electric light and water :lol: ) to allow one to operate a payment.

:mellow: was this supposed to sound ironc?

What is it that you would like to see delivered?
There is nothing to ship, simply.
Once you register you can download the full program from a hidden part of the site.

Do you live 1000 miles away from any bank/post office? :huh:

do you know anyone with a credit or bank card? you could pay them and have them pay the renoise devs for you.

if you’re going to say you don’t know anyone with a credit card, bank card or bank account then you must be really out of place, in your town 1000 miles from moscow, with your computer and music making habit, sorrounded by people with no banks where everyone just stuff mattresses full of cash. :ph34r:

I don’t think I have said any bullshit about your country, if this is the point.
Your country, mostly for well-known political reasons, was subject of a wide disinformation campaign. All the big media have done their best to “protect the world from the communist menace” spreading an all-wrong image of Russia… or at least an incomplete image of it.
That’s what I was remarking with my ironic comment: “don’t you know? They have banks in Russia… and they have electric light too… and water… they don’t eat childrens…” and so on…
If you see any bullshit around the other replies… well, I think the best way for you to make it clear is to quietly write a reply where you can give your point of view about things and where you can state untrue the things you don’t recognize as being real…
I don’t really see a connection between eventual “bullshits” and my attempt to help giving advices, anyway.

I guess there must be some other way… I suggest you to really go down the local bank and/or post office… and ask them about the best way to send money out of your country… and of course check out all of your relative and friends for credit cards, that should be the fastest solution.

You’re welcome :)
I hope you’ll find a way soon and join us all :D

The only way i managed to transfer money to and from Russia decently was through Western Union money transfer.
I know they have that service over there for sure.
But also not in every place.
Usually the larger places.