Stutter Bpm Sync?

Probably suggested already but my internet is acting up. A checkbox would do.

+1 would like that

So far the only solutions I’ve found that are kind of a hastle…

1.) Use multiple stutter effects and use the bypass/on command where necessary.

2.) Have a piece of paper and write down what values are pretty close to what you need before you start tracking and manually plug them in in the automation track.

Neither is very fun I think…with bpm sync, theoretically, it should snap to something close to rhythmic no matter what value you plug in to it.

However, I’m not quite sure if I understand the effect completely…Skew isn’t quite explainable…Repeat is obviously how fast the ‘buffer’ is refilled, right? Or am I mistaken?

The stutter already is BPM / Beats synced, but once you set the “Skew” parameter to something “strange”, something that doesn’t match a beat, it no longer repeats in beats that make sense:

Try throwing a stutter on a simple beat loop with
“Repeat: 2”, “Skew: 0%” OR
“Repeat: 2”, “Skew: 100%”

So it goes by Repeat? If so, you can still set it in between whole numbers. Snap to whole numbers can’t be added?