Hi there,

I was just looking for that awesome stutter effect that I thought I used a while ago but its not in the dsp list anymore. Did I dream this effect? I can’t find any info anywhere about this…

Info here: [Announce] Stutter Deprecation (Will Be Removed In 2.5 Final)

You can still load deprecated devices as long as you have something saved to grab the necessary data from. Luckily, Renoise comes with a folder full of handy DSP Chain presets that you can use. Just hit the Renoise library button and it’ll take you right to the goods…


The stutter effect has been removed due to the fact that the effect did not behaved in a logical sense most users expected from it.
It did behave like the programmer intended it to behave though, but the usability rate turned quite low because of the generic misinterpretation by many.
Like Dblue explains:it has been moved to the deprecated effects section in the Renoise library.

Oh wow, shame and thanks!

If you want to read more about what happened during the beta phase, to get a better idea of why the decision was made, then you can check out this thread and this one, too.

shit buzz,that was a cool effect