There will be no Stutter/Repeat device in 2.7 or what?

Isn’t it in the deprecated dsp chain folder ?

yep, deprecated.

in order to use deprecated devices, please see here

or loaded through the disk browser, in the Renoise folder, dsp chains / deprecated.

Lazy me. I did not mean the deprecated and removed stutter. Should have made it more clear - what I meant was that I remember that stutter was promised to be featured in 2.6 as a fully working and synced device. That didn’t happen.

It was also discussed here during 2.6 beta:

maybe it’s the reason why Dblue is part of the team now? :drummer:

Just kidding. :) We probably have made it a chore to work on with our bitching on the beatsync’ness etc.

yeah, i pretty much expect Glitch to be implemented natively pretty damn soon.

No pressure like ;)

I expect something else entirely, like new products.

renoise vsti



That is completely the fault of the alpha testing team, including me. We were whining too much on the new instrument layering and multi linking support that the DSP device area got a bit surpressed.

damn you vV, you and your weed-smoke-inducing Dutch accent!

Don’t whine or i will push the audio tracks and piano roll in the next update and your precious stutter device will never see the light of the day.

hushed, walking off, angrily looking over shoulder: damn you vV, you and your weed-smoke-inducing Dutch accent

Apparently nobody takes this stutter thing seriously :confused:

Perhaps dBlue can integrate his glitch in 2.7, then everybody is happy.

Well for what it is worth, I’d love to see an updated Stutttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttter.

now wouldnt that be something :panic: