Subforum - Instruments&samples (grabbed And Others) (xrni)

Since the new feature, I think it would be great if we started building renoise community of grabbed instruments and xrni basically…
I think subsection on forums dedicated to samples and instruments made in renoise would help a lot, and now we can share all the sounds we can grab together!

Cool +

What would be the legal status of that kind of distribution?

For example, I know that I’m not allowed to distribute sampled sounds from Spectrasonics’ Omnisphere according to the license agreement.

well in that case , don’t distribute them, I think this is up to individual responsibility as it would hardly be controllable, but for sounds that we make on synths etc I think there shouldn’t be any problem

That’s just the presets though right ?
If not then spectrasonics are taking the piss
If you make a synth sound on a synth yourself then you own it surely ?


Excellent idea! :)

From Spectrasonics’s website:

Wow i knew Spectrasonics where a bunch of a holes but that is beyond belief
Most of spectrasonics products are based on samples of others synths hahahahahah

What a bunch of tools