Subtrack Grooves

hey people, ive been playing around with the delay coloumn to make grooves but im having trouble with the LPB setting. The tutorial in “In:Depth” uses the older speed setting to equate the swing, but we are now in the 23rd century and have LPB, and it just confuses me. I was playing with some trancie beats i programmed in and swang with the delay column (on the kick,snare and hats), and it sounded good, all swinging nice with eachother. but that was at 4 LPB. I increased the Lpb to 32 and patternlength to 256 or something to give myself more resolution but could never get the swing right again. The problem is that my mathamatical aptitutude is rather lacking.

The delay value is relative. If I got that right, you must divide your old delay values by 8, because you sped up the whole song by factor 8 (LPB4 -> LPB32). Theoretically. But would make no sense at all. Just use another line then. I’ll give you an exampe so you see what i mean:

C-500 – -- – ----
C-500 – -- 80 ---- <-80 =50% delay, but if you double the resolution of lines, it’s a whole line later, x4 -> 2 lines etc.
@LPB2 is the same as:

C-500 – -- – ----

C-500 – -- – ----

I hope that I understood you right…

aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh factorisation!!!now that is starting make a bit of sense now.!!!
God how much I love the collective hive mind of the internet.
Nice one.

Humanising definatly makes a big difference!!! but picking delay values bogs me gonna do what you say and record them might get a better idea of what delay values work and then il remember.

Would it be possible to write a script or implement a function that automatically adjusts delay values when you speed up songs? It could be really useful if you play in notes manually at a low tempo with the intention of speeding it up. I’m picturing a menu where you could write in the old lpb and tempo and the new and this magic gizmo would do all the dirty work.

Just a little idea from someone with no programming skills :P

Im sure in the scripting world nearly anything is possible, but dont ask me because im a dumbshit.:slight_smile:

to go from lpb 4 to 32: it’s possible to use the expand function in the advanced edit since 4 * 2 * 2 * 2 = 32.

set the new pattern length to 256 and then expand three times. (=

i seem to remember not getting any good results with it when using lpb higher than 4.

thanks for the tips people.:slight_smile:

that is what I did sir, but at 4lpb a delay value of 02 is different to a delay value of 02 at 32lpb? but im starting to get to grips with this.

groove features need to be improved badly! Im hoping that if renoise gets zoomable itll be less cumbersome to do. Maybe something similar to the song groove settings but per track would be easier to implement? but im guessing not as would i be right in saying that the groove settings alter the lines universally? not the individual samples…

I actually love the delay column way of doing things, just have trouble finding the right values sometimes. And maybe the tick value could be increased, i always left it at 12, but maybe putting it up to 16 might split the line up more equally for me???


good point!!