Subtracks And Note Delays

Hi There

A few quick questions.

Whenever I add a sub-track, it seems to take on the same effect as the original track (eg. a delay or distortion)…how can I make them exclusive?

Sometimes when I’m using a synth sample, it keeps playing one long note when I play it back after recording instead of stopping, anyone know why this happens?

Finally, any good sites for downloading free samples?



by sub-track do you mean column? everything in the track gets affected by the DSP in that track. just move those notes to another track if you want them to have their own fx.

for samples, i’m not so sure, try freesounds.
look here too

syflom is right.

about free samples: we have a dedicated thread here

And if you want the synth to stop, record and press CAPSLOCK on the line you want the note to stop for a “off” note :)

Thanks…one other thing…how do I add two different samples in the same track? Every time I try inserting a second sample into a track, it always reverts back to the first sample in the track. For example, I insert a bass drum in track one, and then try inserting a snare in track one too - and it won’t record the snare. I’m assuming I don’t need to use a different track for each sample correct?


maybe you have “autocapture nearest instrument” enabled?