Such a nice gated Pad...

Hiho! Any ideas how to do something like that in Renoise?

Id like to do such a gated Pad with Kontakt or with Effects in Renoise but i dunno how.
Can someone help me? Best would it to get that with any input Signal…

Greets Kola

Hydra controls dry/wet, LFO speed adjustable like normal. Use right clicking on reset button on LFO to determine when the LFO starts at 0 in the waveform. O yeah! Waveform also adjustable of course, for the example you’d need a square wave.
This is one thing I really miss in Ableton since I’m trying that out. So basic :P. How do people do this, draw the automation??

for fast making of automations, check out Automatron.

for such kind of volume gating, you could also simply use the instrument volume envelope

oh yeah…many thx!!!

1 more question cas…how do i sync that to the song tempo?

Just a quick shot, but close enough I’d think. ;)

Gated Pad Download (file updated, origin had 2 slight bugs in the LFO setup)

To get it in sync with the song, you have to reset the LFO at the start of the song. Even better at the start of each pattern.

guys…YOU ARE FANTASTIC (thats what i call a community!)

Also check out this tool for easy gating through utilizing the instrument envelopes;

Unless I’m wrong points are equivalent to drawing square waves, instant on and off’s. The biggest issue imo is you can’t combine that with non square lines. Sometimes I want an instant off but a gradual on.

Edit: There are of course many ways to gate. Sometimes I use signal follower + no volume follow track with just like a short square wave or whatever, and make a pattern with it however I want it to gate. You can then adjust the sensitivity and release (and length of the square wave you’re following) to taste. Makes it easier if you want a different gate pattern somewhere in the song, you just make it in the pattern editor however you want.

You can even have it resync every time you press a note, using a Key or Velocity Tracker (with the destination routed => the LFO’s ‘Reset’, and min and max both at 0%)

00CX commands are great for gated pads, if you are using a vst instead of a sample you can use CX in the panning slot.

Here’s somthing not quite similar but you get the picture:

I don’t know why I never thought of doing it with pattern effects before. Like duh that’s way easier than the ways I’ve been doing it. I’m now using 0Oxx followed immediately by a 0Ixx (for a slower, pumping on the kick kind of a gate). I adjust xx until it’s subtle enough, use the same xx on both O and I, and bam that’s it. Put it on the group fx strip, clone the pattern wherever, way easier than using the LFO.

If you’re using a VST-compatible OS, there’s also GVST’s GLFO plugin. It’s listed under the beta tools, but I’ve used it several times (mostly in Ableton, though) and not had any problems with it…yet. It’s tempo-synced and gives you independent LFO modulations for filter, panning, and volume. You can set between 1 and 32 cycles per bar, LFO waveform, phase, and amplitude. Pretty snazzy, if you ask me. It’s included in the ‘all plugins’ bundle.

You can hear it in the last minute or two of this song of mine. I used the falling waveform (saw) on the amplitude LFO for a near-instant attack and gradual release.

[edit]Okay, a better example is that I forgot about this song that starts out with a gated pad. This one was also made entirely with Renoise.

And +1 for using a meta-LFO on a Gainer with a reset at the start of each pattern. I’ve used that before and found it a bit more versatile than the instrument volume envelope.[/edit]

So that’s how they do it in AbeLinkleTone…

PS, ableton doesn’t have any 64/32 vst bridge does it?

Not natively. Read more here, about halfway down the page.

But there are 32 and 64-bit versions of all the GVST plugins.