Suche Renoise User In Berlin

hallo suche nach RENOISE usern in BERLIN! die spass daran haben gemeinsame musicprojecte zu erstellen. schreibt an

hello. looking for RENOISE user in BERLIN! who want to compose together with me. write to :D :rolleyes: [B]

i always wondered how 2 or more people could [u]write[/b] on one song in Renoise. Is it not hard to not get massive arguements?

forgive my ignorance :)

There are several net-based music-creation-tools. Too bad, I do not live in Berlin, anymore… Would have been funny.

I’ve tried a few times, and it has worked well with both Sewen (robotcomputer) and Paladin (and the winner is…), but yeah there are arguments if you think differently. And most people do. :rolleyes: But, argue back, compromise find solutions you both can dig. It’s fun in the end.

sounds like problems to me. But yeah i’m a fan of robotcomputer so the outcome can be great

Prenzlberg. Ecke Schönhauser