Sugar Bytes Robotronic

i’d like to implement this vocoder into my renoising, yet i don’t know how to get it working. in ableton, i have the option to set i-o on a midi track, and send the midi data do the effect in an audio track (so i can play the vocoder live, or sequence a midi pattern). can the same be achieved in renoise? so i’d have say track1 as audio recording of myself (or any other sound) and track2 as midi messages being sent to the audio effect in track1.

any help would be <3ed

it’s still not possible to send midi to effects in Renoise :( So a lot of vocoding plugins aren’t usable. Has been requested before, maybe in the next version?

nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :’(

Be patient my friend, and look hopefully toward future…

Yeah I’ve mentioned this myself a couple of times. I imagine this will be a tricky one to sort out, but is pretty important IMO.

…a feature request not seldom seen and i’ve certainly commented often enough on it, but i think it’s crucial to keep the demand alive so taktik won’t forget about the importance. ;)

so besides the absence of PDC, this is the major lack which let’s renoise still appear “crippled” compared to other sequencers of the “high-society” department
as it is now, renoise features support for the VST interface - sure - you can load them all, but actually usable remain about 70% (rough guess) of the whole market offer.
but hey, hope dies last…

is there a proper technical term for this feature? i’d like to post a request in ideas & suggestions and hopefully rally some support.

don’t know the proper term for it either (if there is any), but i guess “VSTfx midi receive capability” would be pretty comprehensible.