Suggest Me A Netbook

I am on the market for a netbook to run Renoise on. I will probably plan to run Cubase and Live lite too. Who makes a decent netbook for around $400?

What do you expect it to do? most netbooks would allow you to use some samples and not so many DSP like vst instruments and effects.
Nowdays they are getting faster but the price gap between a laptop and those netbooks is not very large.

Runs fine on my eeePC 1005PE on KXstudio, but the screen is sub par. eeePCs are cheap, and while you get what you pay for, it’s a solid unit. Whatever you get, get something that sold well. The company has a better incentive to provide good support if it sold well (rather than work on their next mediocre offering) and the community is larger. For example, the fact that so many people have eeePCs means I’m that much more likely to find someone who had exactly my problem.

That said, it’s not good for anything more than tinkering. If it wasn’t for the form factor, I’d probably recommend a laptop as well. For maybe two hundred dollars more they massively outperform a netbook in everything except battery life and size/weight. So unless you plan on using it in the train a lot (like me), it’s not worth the compromise.

Yeah! That is exactly what I plan to use it for. The train. Which I ride to work every day. The IEEE books look promising. Plus I hear you can run hackintosh osx on them.

What is KXstudio though?

Now you made me want one too :P
On trips i use my DSi XL to run Nitrotracker, then i can import the song in Renoise on my PC, but it’s a bit quirky and limited to work with.
I also use Rytmik, but it’s fun until you run out of samples, very limited and not something you could import in Renoise.

Do you know if Asus Eee PC 1001PXD - 1,66GHz 1GB would work? It’s very cheap, almost the same price as a DSi XL.

I hear good things about the Acer Aspire One and the Samsung NC20. (Been quite a while since I looked though.)

Although you should hopefully be able to done some barebones Renoise I really wouldn’t expect to get much going at all in Ableton or Cubase!