Suggestion About The Songpage


I’ve two suggestion about the songpage:
Add a function so you can filter to see only XRNS/RNS-submissions and add paging-functionality to the song-tables. It is almost impossible to find songs in XRNS/RNS-format available for download, you have to click on 1000 links and are happy if you find just a few of them. By doing it easier to find XRNS/RNS-files online will probably tempt more new users to try out renoise, cause it is actually much more fun to not just hear the songs made by renoise, but also see how they actually are made, and available RNS-files are probably very often working as very good tutorials for new users… what do you think? ;)

I thinks the page could easily and should be restricted to open source songs only.

Yay! Go for it!