Suggestion: Colored Tracks

Sorry if this forum isn’t meant for suggestions, but I think it would be GREAT if the ability for the user to assign the background color of individual tracks made it into version 1.8 …

Pretty please?

Maybe only color the track name area and the mixer.

would be helpful for keeping order among your track-channels.

True…but maybe we can just leave it up to the user?

Here’s another idea related to color - how about coloring the notedata along some gradient according to pitch?? You can let the user select 2 colors, let the user set what the “endpoints” or notes these colors represent, and Renoise would automatically color the note data along this gradient.

This actually came up during a discussion I had with someone who usees traditional sequencers with a piano roll. He said that the main thing that’s holding him back from Renoise is lack of a piano roll … I suggested such pitch-coloring, and he said that this would definitely help.