Suggestion For Future Beta Releases

Please, in the future, remove the time-lock feature you implemented in the 1.5 beta/alpha that causes Renoise to stop working after a certain date. I found it annoying that when I got the urge to compose, my program of choice refused to start and required that I download a new version. This got even more annyoing as there were so many beta/alpha releases of 1.5.

It’s a question of convenience, really.

That’s all. Keep doing a great job. :)

I’m sorry to say I also agree.

and i also don’t see the point of not downloading the new beta or RC, when the one you use expires…

Yups, but the problem with the beta’s was that it wasn’t patched upon name.
So it’s hard to trace a spreader if such version leaks out on the p2p networks.

Beta is for testing purposes only and it’s just not the final.
The sense of downloading the latest beta user-wise is to get rid of bugs that are in the current, the only problems that come with new beta’s are other nasty situations that exists because of fixed problems from the previous Beta.

The other sense is more from the developer point of view:they force themselves to work on it and to keep the reel spinning so development does not stop (which is one of the dangers that killed various projects in the past as well). So they will have to release a new beta after a certain amount of time and this should be an improvement over the previous one, that is the force.

What would you prefer:an application that remains in beta status for years and a release whenever the developer thinks it’s time for it?(meaning:not very often) Or would you like to have the application as stabile as possible in a reasonable amount of time?

And though Taktik didn’t sound satisfied for this amount of Beta period, i think he and the others did a tremendous job by keeping the thing going.

Remember that Renoise 1.5 is currently one of the few music applications that is pretty stabile with VST plugins even though not all plugins work like a charm with it, none of them should make it seriously crash (in comparance to some software that requires an extra zero behind the current Renoise price to get it registered).