[Suggestion] Line-In as source for plug-in-grabber

As stated above.

For me, it would be nice, to choose an line-in-device as source for the plug-in-grabber. That way, one could easily sample external hardware or softsynths.
I assume, an interesting problem to solve here would be, how midi-events get send out without having the user to add a midi-out-device to the toolchain.
But perhaps, this could just be hidden?

Most likely, this could be achived by a lua-script…
Just an idea.

Cheers, Chris

I’ve been wanting this for a while now. Realtime rendering helped this out a LITTLE bit, but the problem remains: A LARGE chunk of my workflow involves recording sounds from bits of hardware and mangling them afterwards.

Yeah, that would be extremely useful, after all trackers have to have quick and flexible way to sampling and recording, because that’s what they are all about right? And also rewire grab.