Suggestion: Matrix Follow Enable/Disable Button

I am using the matrix view/sequencer queue to rearrange, rename stuff on the fly, while listening.
But even when I use the smallest matrix view on my 20inch I quickly run out of screen estate. When the patterns are out of view and I grab the matrix bar (or scroll up or down via mousewheel or keycommands) the play position is always heeling <_< . At the moment I don’t see a way to turn this off.

Anybody besides me who thinks an “enable/disable Matrix Follow” button would make sense ?

Pattern Follow does also affect the Matrix doesn’t it? It is all tied together with Song Position!

Yep, and now the automation editor too. IMHO it’s best to keep a single switch for all of this…

Yep, it is all tied together with Song Position. And exactly that is what I’m bitching about, you cannot turn it off by disabling the follow mode. (Quiet a lot bitching actually for signing up just recently without having even a license, I do not deny that fact ^_^ )
I hope to have the bucks for the app by next week while 2.7 is still beta.

The suggestion I wrote because there is a big question that bugs me:
Why does the play head follow (or the conveying belt scroll to) the edit position, the position I jump to ?
I don’t want the playhead jump to that position and play from that position. I only want to make edits on that position but leave the play head untouched (like a needle on a vinyl, if you like).

It only bugs me because I think keeping play and edit head separate is a minor deal and not a big thing or call in the play routine, but maybe I am totally wrong. Nonetheless I decided to go for the full license, with or without jumping playhead. Though a technical reason for the behaviour and why it probably can’t be remedied with a simple “turn that sticky :unsure: follow off” would help me a lot going more ease along with the Matrix

You have got Pattern Follow turned off yeah?

To give a better picture of the issue I am talking about:

The play head and the edit position

The Scenario:
Lets say you have song that has 24 patterns. All are nice and clean ordered in the sequencer queue starting with the first on on top which has number 0 and the name “intro”.
Further in the song you have pattern number 5 named “verse 1”, number 9 named “bridge”, number 11 named “chorus” etc.
The pattern names are akin “song arrangement markers” for a better orientation of the song structure for my stupid brain (when I make music I only use the creative dominated side and not the logical dominated).
The Matrix-boxes give me a very appreciated overview of the not events, I like that very much. But more important to me are the names/markers that I can set next to the Matrix-boxes.

Happy on the fly:
Play the song and make changes on the fly. It works. You can rearrange on the fly, move patterns up/down, across different tracks, rename, experiment, etc.

Now the issue:
My song plays along and advances to the outro. By that time I only can see pattern number 15 to 23. Pattern 0 to 14 are out of reach. Thank you autoscroll/follow :angry:.
By the time it reaches the last pattern I can only see pattern 17 to 23. Thank you again, autoscroll.
Same with the beginning, there I can see pattern number 0 to 16 but the rest is out of reach.
Out of reach means not being able to see them and no chance to edit them. Bye bye, happy on the fly. :rolleyes:
Whether pattern follow on or off, I can’t do adjustments to any part of my song on the fly when it is scrolled out of reach. As soon as I scroll back with the bar or keys to “verse 1” the play head jumps back as well.

Anybody with me :unsure: but maybe I’m the only one seeking for a detached edit/play heads.
BTW: The Pattern Follow off does neither separate edit from play position as I would think of doing it. Only inside the current pattern you can scroll and edit, but try to edit pattern 15 i.e when your song is currently playing pattern 13. No go. :(

Should do. If you have Pattern Follow disable, play in the first pattern then you view and cursor etc should stay in the first pattern while your song plays all the way through. This is what it’s for. I often edit a different pattern to that which is currently playing. Unless something has changed lately.

There is already a setting in prefs, whack :wacko: myself , and whack again for not using my eyes :wacko:
Prefs/gui - seperate edit and play position does the trick. Well, at least if you enable it before you turn off follow :rolleyes:


@forum admin:
can we please move this thread from suggestions to help/support (or noob suggestion,already implemented), thnx :D

Haha… you’ve got something good going then. It’s really one of the greatest workflow enhancements ever made in Renoise - decoupled playback, song follow…it’s got many names, and scroll lock is the key you want to press!!