Suggestion: MIDI Bindable pitch bend wheel

(EatMe) #1


The Pith Bend wheel of my keyboard can not be mapped in Renoise…

This would have awesome effect on sample based instruments with a macro to the pitch envelope and an Instr. Macro device controlled by the pitch bend wheel.

It works in most VST plugins. I hope, although it’s not a CC transmission, that the Pitch Bend wheel can be mapped in Renoise.

List of feature suggestions for Renoise
(delt) #2

Yeah, agreed. for ex. synthesia makes clever use of it with fastforward/rewind.

(Hazardous!) #3

I don’t understand why the pitch bend wheel doesn’t work on Renoise instruments and only in VST instruments. This is a really annoying limitation.

I definitely want to be able to use the pitch bend wheel and other assigned MIDI controllers in XRNI, and ideally be able to define what it does and how much it bends the pitch. This is also definitely something to look at for Redux as well.

Please add pitch bend wheel support to XRNI

(EatMe) #4

Ohai can has Please for pitch bend wheel support can has in MIDI mapping?

(danoise) #5

Same thing has been suggested here (with some good usage scenarios).

Hmm… I see two ways of doing it:

  1. Make the pitch-bend a MIDI-mappable value.
    This is perhaps the most clean implementation, and very flexible in terms of using pitch bend for other things than “just” pitch.
    But the downside is that you would have to create a modulation device and assign it to a macro each time you want to use pitch-bend.

  2. Make XRNIs automatically respond to pitch bend messages
    Using the pitch range in the Pitch Modulation panel, an instrument could automatically respond to pitch bend messages
    It should probably be implemented as a post-modulator (applied to the pitch after all modulation devices have been processed)
    Perhaps more “easy”, but also a bit unclean. And how would you then draw/record pitch using automation envelopes?

(Cas) #6

imo the range for the wheel is a different range setting tho!

(ffx) #7

Yeah there should be a midi pitch pattern command that is not relative but absolute. This should be the target for pitch wheel automation.

(danoise) #8

But, the MIDI pitch command IS absolute…we can’t control anything apart from instrument plugins with it, though. And it is unknown to us just how many semitones is being controlled (this is up to the plugin to specify).

For example:
00 - M1 - 00 00 (lowest pitch)
00 - M1 - 40 00 (medium pitch)
00 - M1 - 7F 7F (highest pitch)

(each command is comprised of instr. number + panning column + effect column)

If we could MIDI-map pitchbend like a CC message, the recording of the MIDI pitch-bend command (as seen above) would automatically disappear, as any MIDI mapped parameter is intercepted by it’s destination instead of being written to the pattern. Result: recording automation directly into a Instr. MIDI Control or Macro control instead of outputting these (quite messy!) MIDI commands into the patterns.

Stretch goals: higher resolution recording in time & value domains (support 14-bit MIDI messages)?

(sneftel) #9

What about just exposing a “Pitch Bend Tracking” modulation device for instruments? Slightly less “it just works”, but more customizable. It could also include an option to interpolate from the previous bend value over the duration of the line.

(danoise) #10

Good idea!

It wouldn’t necessarily be restricted to just lines (and with just 127 possible values), but could also make use of automation envelopes (Instr. Midi Control device).
And you could map the pitch bend wheel to the filter, if that’s what you wanted :)

(Athaphian) #11

So this topic is from a while back. Is there any info on such functionality. Are we yet able to map our pitch bend? I could not find any info on this.

(toblerpone) #12

^no new renoise versions were released since then (3.0 was in open beta at that point)

all we know is that PB is now an instrument macro in redux, therefore the upcoming renoise 3.1

(Zer0 Fly) #13

In renoise 3 there’s basically 2 options I know of.

  1. have a midi keyboard that can output cc instead of pb with the bend wheel when configed to do so

  2. the renoise duplex keyboard tool allows mapping pb and aftertouch to a cc

Both options basically allow the same, and have drawbacks:

  1. resolution is limited to 7 bits, in case you got some good keyboard with fine 14bit pitch bend action

  2. renoise seems to have no intrinsic stuff for handling bidirectional controllers yet - this can freak out, I workaround with a formula device translating the center from 50,3937…% to 50.000% while still using the whole range 0…100% for even accessing mapping and recording of pitchbend to a graph using inst.midi device. Or else some stuff might be a bit out of tune. This workaround can bring other problems though.

So I’m basically…I’m also looking forward to 3.1…

(Cab) #14

Now that 3.1 is out, can this be done?

I have a Nektar Impact LX49 controller and I’m trying to map the pitch bend wheel to the Pitchbend parameter of an *Instr. MIDI Control device as I want recorded pitch bends to be written to the automation view instead of the pattern editor.