Suggestion: Midi-Mappable Dsp Toggles

Just like the title says, I’d really like to see DSP toggles be able to be mapped to Midi in 2.8, rather than messing about with scripting.

Is there a reason this has not been implemented into 2.8?
And does no one else care about this? I notice this has been buried in the very bottom of the list! I think it would awesome to be able to easily assign the toggle switches for dsps so I can turn them on/off when playing live!

I didn’t realize that this is not possible, I just assumed it was because it makes so much sense. Especially when there is an option to toggle the state of the selected DSP.

The request is on the wishlist of quite a few, but i guess most people were busy with other things during the holidays so that is how these topics can get snowed under.
Still messing with the API is the quickest way currently.

+1 … and should be automatable too :)

FYI in case you didn’t know, it is already sort of automatable by right clicking the checkbox of the dsp. It puts a message in the right column whereever the “cursor” is positioned. But yeah it should be combined with “midimappabilty” for sure IMO.


what doesn’t go well with my impression it might be complicated to implement with PDC.

+1 midimappable :)