Suggestion : Naming Saved Instruments

hi there.

I often create instruments, and then save them as xrni files ; then reload the instrument later, change something and save it again. I find the save dialog not very usable. it would be nice to have the name field automatically filled with something derived from the instrument’s name.

Right now, it stays at the last thing you typed, which can lead to mistakes like overwriting another instrument.

Are you using the latest beta (B6)? It should work exactly like this there…

usability +1

I’m using 2.5 b6. This is what I see :

  • I’m in the sample or instrument browser
  • I double-click on a sample/instrument
  • the sample/instrument gets loaded in one instrument slot, and the name appears accordingly in the “save” field

Now, when I switch from one instrument slot to another, the name in the “save” field stays the same - ie. the name of the last thing I loaded. Would be nice to have it changing to a name related to the currently selected instrument.

IC. The diskbrowser can’t really do such an auto naming. It would have to guess for you what you want to do, if you want to replace, batch export or do something else.

What I was talking about are the new context menu entries -> Right click on a sample or instrument -> “Save Instrument/Sample As…”

If you need to do a lot of exports you may want to try this tool: XRNI Ripper