Suggestion: New Forum

…In addition to the existing one, which could be named something like ‘non-commercial’.


yesss, would be nice to have a forum dedicated to the strictly ‘serious/official’ releases


I don’t understand why commercial releases should be distinguished from non commercial? I’m not being controversial: I really don’t understand the point here

Great. I give up.

I propose there should be a “Songs” forum and an “Albums” forum… it’s always a shame to see people’s long journey to a full LP be trumped by an active song spam forum ;)

yeah good point. maybe have an Album subforum. and what about a breakcore only forum :P.

Album Forum would be a good compromise. But either way, something separate. There does seem to be enough focus in this community on the reason why we are here: music.

How about " current releases", be it songs, albums, commercial or non commercial - anything that the poster released right now(ish) and that’s “finished”?

This would separate these from “this is what I’m currently working on”, “here’s what I found on my HD” type of threads.

What about updating the old songs page, and keep the current songs forum as a place where you can post unfinished songs to get advise?

I don’t like to look many places, so i’m just sticking to reselektor these days. :)

But many releases are in form of links to virb or myspace pages…

There should be two kinds of songs pages, one for open modules and one for closed mp3’d or ogg’d tracks. And album/EP/“musicdisk” and single track subcategories.

Search filter options: by name, artist, date, label/group, style. And no linking to other than actual files allowed anywhere but on artists info page.

And really, if you are to publish commercial release, you won’t be doing it freely over internet, are you? It stops being commercial there, no? Or wish to have another advertisement channel?

Also there should be some warning icon [WARNING BREAKCORE] on all breakcore songs.

But yeah, real albums subforum would be useful. I am interested in ordering music made with/using renoise. Single tracks just don’t cut it for me, specially when they are more experimenting than actual music.

The albums forum would provide a better overview of actual releases.

The ReSelektor is too much work for me alone. Would be nice to get some help, but you know: too many cooks can spoil the DJ mix.

An Album Forum would be on the ticket: puts the work back into the hands of the artists.

A MODERATED forum at that.

or an icon: WARNING: INTOLERABLE LISTENERS to warn producers before posting their work ;)

That still doesn’t address the fact that album releases and song releases are completely different beasts. There’s a huge difference in the time/effort it takes to produce an album compared to what it takes to produce a single song. Not to mention that people often want different different kinds of feedback from song releases and album releases. With your suggestion, albums would still fall to the bottom of the forum queue because there are simply a high number of song releases compared to a low number of album releases. And I don’t think using/expanding the song section of the site is an option either, as there are a large percentage of users that don’t even know it exists, and the ones that do hardly ever go there. The userbase as a whole spends more time on these forums than anywhere else on the site.

For some reason, I think this is a good idea.

Add to that list: Xerxes, VP, Soc, Kaneel, BotB, + more that I’ve forgotten. And who knows how many more might go for such a facility once it’s there to use and focus upon.

Proposed music subforums:

  • Albums
  • Songs
  • Previews/Unfinished Songs
  • AbandonTunes (where songs you no longer want to work on can go so others can pick them up and do something with them)
  • Samples/Loops
  • Collabs (For creating somewhat public community collaborations)

Now we’re talking! :D