Suggestion On Sample Envelope's

plenty of times i run into situations where i need to tweek the attack/hold time on drum and instrument samples within a renoise instrument.

i use a midi controller and i almost always play my hihats at the same time as i play my snares…like a real drummer.

it takes way to much time to load samples/or drum loops i chop into a wav editor program to adjust the volumn envelop on a sample. it would be great if i had the ability to apply multiple envelopes to several samples within a instrument.

You probably mean you want to group certain samples within an instrument but not all, right?
Because what you actually ask now can already be done.

no, what im trying 2 do is assign seperate envelopes to more than one sample within a drum map.

this is another thing which has been proposed for the famous “new RNI format” idea. Let’s see how voting for new features session will go

hey Jinx man, is that you??? or is this a different Jinx than the one i know?

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and im def going 2 have 2 vote for this feature cause imo its a must have.

another way this can be implemented is by expanding the drum map feature, so u can add instruments in renoise and assign diff. instruments to there own key. infact doing something like this will also allow me to easily add layers in renoise…imo this is how the drum map feature should have always worked.

and how bout voice groups??? lol na j/p thats prolly askin 4 2 much…