I want a direct button to the board again :)


At home I have that.

I understand why they made this ‘community’ button,
but indeed I liked the direct link.
and who of you didn’t clicked the ‘backstage’ button to get to the board in the beginning,
because it’s in the place where the board button used to be.

Drips, your avatar freaks me out. Always has. For some reason it makes me confused between you, and dblue. I always thought it a more fitting avatar for him. Maybe you could swap sometime. Haha

[completely off topic] Ahh, that avatar is great! Constantly reminds me of 100 bullets. I’m using the Sin city theme you made. Changed the VUs to purple and black and made the highlighting a bit more highlighted, but it’s a beautiful theme, Dr. Thank you! [/completely off topic]