Suggestions from one who used trackers, since Master Soundtracker

I just concluded the loudness war argument on my channel, with 3-way -10dB RMS masters on my youtube channel, and is doing that at the moment.

And is concluding the interpolation debate aswell. Ever since trackers came on PC, the interpolation debate has been going. While the original Amiga had no interpolation, but rather variable rate DAC.
I came to think of this, and indeed it really is much better, since no interpolation = no interpolation error. However the “aliasing” should be filtered out.

Indeed one cannot guess the value, so why not just keep the value that is there, and lowpass it, for reconstruction of what more likely it was about.

The polyphase interpolator does much this. This is how the Amiga and trackerformat originally sounded, with modern conveniences such as aliasing filtering, and supersmooth 96K processing.

Furthermore, the whole VST debate has been a bit odd aswell, and one may consider if the compact tracker format, really was superior to begin with.
A horizontal trackerview option, would be more like a standard sequencer aswell, but keeping the tracker mindset.
One does not really need all the “moog surfaces” etc, type plugins, it all can be in an instrument- with-filter-env-fx oriented tracker, with some typical RMS mastering on the output. And who has the FX from when VST began. And one may consider if the return of such a compact format would be good.


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