Suitable Soundcard For Renoise

i’d like to buy a new soundcard… all i need is good sound quality 96-192kHz, 24bit and important for me is headphone out (too bad audigi2 doesn’t have any, sound quality is not so good, too) does anyone have some tips? what’s BEST SOUTABLE soundcard for renoise? : )))

I guess you KNOW this is a pointless question :)
There can’t be a “Best soundcard” for Renoise because Renoise itself is not very audio-card dependent… hmm… and because there are many audiocards out there… and nobody wants to know that they bought the wrong one :lol:

Welcome aboard, Nula :D

PS: I own an EMU 1212M…

i wanted to read some reviews by renoise users like “hey, esi juli@ sounds just cool i recommend it for all renoise user round the world!”

there are so many soundcards and i can’t choose any… firewire audiophile seems to be okayish for me but i’d like to have a PCI one… only thing i want is the f****ing headphone out : )) your soundcard looks nice… how are your headphones connected?

uh, you could notice i’ve been aboard for a looooong time ; D

yo, nooly! Are you going pro now or what? :)
I’m planning (since 30 decades now) to buy this one: M-Audio Audiophile

And Parsec…stop teasing my friend, okay?? Or I’ll come over to Italy somewhen and steal your EMU 1212m! :)

Nah, seriously. The Audiophile doesn’t support more than 96khz while the 1212M does. But hmm…Question to you Parsec: Do you ever use it at 192khz or at least more than 96khz? Because 96khz is a high level already, so I’m wondering if anyone uses more out there.

I don’t know… I have an audigy 2 soundcard and i’m quite happy with it. :)

Of course maybe someone will disagree, but i wouldn’t say that sound quality is bad… It’s pretty good and clear, the signal to noise ratio is good as well and it has 24/96 support.
I don’t do any external recording though… so i can’t comment on that.

That said, i think that if you are looking for decent quality sound card for general purposes (tracking in renoise for example) and your budget is not so big, then audigy 2 will do just fine.

But if you wanna do some kind of advanced tasks (need many I/O etc…) or you have a lot of money then you may want to look somewhere else… :)

trackit, I would agree with you but isn’t the ASIO response of the Audigy too slow?
Because if you do some jamming and stuff then a delay of 10 ms would be very sexy. As far as I can remember, the Creative soundcards won’t be much faster than about 20ms. I experianced this with an SB Live! . Tell me if I’m wrong.

Herm… :P I simply does not connect headphones… so I guess this one is not for you… unless you want to direct your audio output to some small mixer and plug your headphones there?
As far as I see there is no “Small-Jack” out on my EMU but being the proud owner of a brand new pair of Fostex PM05 I am glad to listen full-volume.
But I realize not everyone might be free to stomp the hell out of their neighborhood… :walkman:

Oops :lol: I was fooled by the amount of post you display :P :P

about audigi2… i think it’s pretty good soundcard, sadly optimized for gamers than for musicians. i dont say it doesnt sound bad but people say when you purchase audiophile you’ll hear the difference.

and about latency… it didnt get under 20ms at all (AthlonXP 2600, 512Mo RAM), it worked fine at 50ms.

i was thinking about that mixer or active monitors with headphone out thingy, but its not good idea, sound will be never clear then…

Well, i can’t tell for sure… you could be right…
The sound do start crackle when i use latency time 20 ms and below. But it happens only when i press start or stop button, especially when i press them rapidly. But when the delay is less than 10 ms, then the crackle is audiable during playback aslo from time to time.

(My CPU is pretty overloaded when i use short latency times… so that could be also one reason. When i use only one instrument then the delay could be set as low as 2 ms with minor craclking at start/stop)

But i don’t actually use ASIO… Cause my directsound plays perfectly even at 5 ms delay… :)

i think you meant “i dont say it sounds bad…” :)

or maybe not… :)

Hmmz… How about M-Audio delta 44 not showing channel routing buttons in the tracks while other ASIO cards do not have this problem?

That the audio-quality and the functionality of the sound-card is not affected, does not mean that Renoise works well with every audio-card.
If one needs those channel-routing buttons, then M-audio delta 44 is not the one to pick (Renoise suitability), however for the audio-quality i’ve heard quite some fancy stories about it.

Though a bit old, this thread lists latencies for different sound cards / setups. May be of some help perhaps…

I just got an maudio audiophile 192 for christmas…works like a charm.

Balanced inputs and outputs, spdif in and out, rock solid.

Why do you need a headphone output? I guess maybe you move your computer around a lot, kind of like a portable studio. Just get yourself a little headphone amplifier if this is the case.

Otherwise, (as I think Parsec said), just get a little mixer, like a behringer (sp?), which will allow you to expand to some external gear (microphones, turntables, synths, etc).

I also hear good things about the audiophile 2496…

good luck!

:rolleyes: YES, definitely there are SOME things from which Renoise might depend upon… infact I said Renoise is Not very Audio-card dependant and not that Renoise is Totally free and hardware independant and you can even route the sound to your Ethernet network card and it will still play :lol:

GOSH! Teasing sounds expensive lately! :D
I’ll leave it to you, I know how territorial behaviour works and if you used to have him all for you… I better step back :lol:
whispering to Nula
“Too bad, honey…”

Well, let me tell ya… I have this 1212M card since my birthday (that’s on 1st of October) and actually I had to wait Xmas for my friends to gather money and surprise me with a brand new pair of Fostex PM05… and that was the start for me because otherwise I could not use the EMU 1212m.
Now this means that I am the happy owner of an EMU 1212m… but started using it only a couple of day after the 25 Dec… :lol:
Actually I tried creating a session at every available frequency including 192Khz… but too bad I don’t have too much stuff sampled that high so there is not much to listen to <_<
I know there are some CD shipping with the main EMU box… and they probably contain some material… but lucky me, they are corrupted. :rolleyes:
Anyway… yes. I guess there is people working that high… take DVD audio and the new super-high standards they want to bring on…

I can recommend the Audiophile 2496. Note that the price for it has diminished enormously. 18 months ago I paid 180 Eur for it, now you can have it for 85 Eur. If you have more money you can take a look at the Delta 1010LT.

nice discussion over here =)

trackit, yep i meant “i dont say it sounds bad…” : )) people experienced with great soundcards say the sound can be far more better…

sonus, yeah, i’d like to have all-in-one studio, mixers are too expensive… same for the headphone amp. im just looking for suitable all-in-one sulution : )

parsec, wow, you’ve got great friends then, all i got was chocolate : )

the audiophile 2496 works great on my desktop

i would really like to see some suggestions for laptop audio, because it seems there really are no6t that many. i do have an idea of what to get but because of its size and the fact i would have to buy a usb2.0 pcmcia card, i havent decided.
but i know if i did it would greatly improve my sound. especially if there are other processes running like my wifi setup. (makes renoise crackle real bad when i have any other processes going, i think because of my crappy onboard sound of my laptop)

Well, i haven’t tried it across a Citrix client yet, but maybe someday i will set up a Citrix server and we’ll see if Renoise plays across an ethernet device :P

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