Summer Fever Mixtape


Hey, great!

I only had time to stream the first 5 mins or so, but I liked it. I also downloaded the mp3, will give it a listen and try to remember to report back after diggin in.

Thanks for sharing!

hey thanks… ;]

replaced the links with soundcloud

bump for awesomeness. im so humble.

I really enjoyed this! It’s restless and varied, and has a healthy dose of grit and dirt to it, which I appreciate dearly.

Definitely replay material. Thanks for sharing.

My words exactly.

I was wondering if you made this as one renoise file or several that were later mixed to a larger whole?

hey nice some of you could feel the fever ;]

the jam was made with sounds/loops/moods/etc that i made in renoise over the past few years. then i rendered everything to separate tracks and mixed them up into this scape… it was the first time i tried this method and am fairly happy with the result. it became a sorta story by itself o0. altho next time i will probably edit the live jam afterwards to fix my errors ;]