Summer Rain

Hello everybody! I’m really exited using Renoise that is the best music software I ever tryed. It’s exacly what I was looking for years.

This is the link of my first song made with 3.0 version, in just few hours. Renoise is very immediate! Happy for any suggestion about the song.

nice, welcome aboard. the tune isn’t exactly living up to it’s title considering the wind sounds, heavy beats and whatnot :P

so this one has some nice ideas inside but it sounds like you need to spend more time refining your ideas and sounds. my biggest suggestion would be focusing on simpler themes/moods writing a tune and then trying to build up on that. this one sounded like you’ve tried to fit 5 songs into one with no clear creative direction.

production quality needs to be better but that takes time. what’s more important imo is writing a nice tune that connects easily with the listener. my 2 cents.

emre_k, thank you for the reply. Your suggestion were very appreciate and I’ve modified lot of parts of the song, trying to focus on title meaning.

Now i’ve released a new version with your points in mind, trying to fitting better the different parts of the song.

If you want listen it again i will be very happy. Differently it’s ok anyway.

thank you

Couldn’t remeber the original in detail but it sounds better now. And more focused. Like the intro, although it could use more ambience, probably reverb etc. The bass was quite crude and the panning on the saw synth was rather extreme. About drums: Kicks were ok, snare needed more bottom end, hihats were too hissy.The piano breakdown was nice. Perhaps a bit cheap sounding but it wasn’t bad. Again, I’d put more reverb on that.

As far as I could remember, it sounds more coherent now. Overall production quality could still be improved but you gotta stop revising at some point and move on to making new tunes :slight_smile: That’s usually much more helpful for getting better.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A feedback is very important for me so i can focus in different aspects not taken in consideration before.

I’m happy to be in the right way to create something not boring to listen and i’m now working on new songs with these suggestions in my mind :slight_smile:

I’m just discovering capabilities of Renoise step by step and i think only with a good practice i can reach good sound quality, so the way to walk is long and amazing