Summer, Sun, Beer and Fun

The hyper-lazy me has finally managed to finish a track. It features Pegah P.'s voice samples.

My greetings and big thanks go to nt aka Gilzad Hamouni, ptrance aka Annika Stey, mmd aka Mark Dollin, keith303 aka Klaus Spang, and it-alien aka Fabio Napodano for their endless help and support.
It was done in Renoise 2.8.1, along with a few vst’s and vsti’s.

As usual, feedback would be highly appreciated.

edit: The song is also available on TiS.

Well done Ashy, you got a bit more punch back there. :)

Yeah, nice amount of punch there…

Thanks Mark, without your help there would be no punch at all! :D

@fps: Thanks.