Sun Work/Sol

Hello all,

the sun. Burning. Her very own rhythm, never disturbed by anything.

If you get too close, hear her burning, taking over your ship.

Hope, you’ll enjoy listening :wink: !



Hey René, Is the voice sample yours?

Hey René, Is the voice sample yours?

Hi Daniel, yep, it’s mine :wink:

Track sounds as if sunlight vibration goes through you. Along the track, sunlight transforms to the ocean of light, which takes you away. Beautiful melodies, bass, pad work well together. In the beginning of the track, the hat enters and downplays the bassline, though it must be the feature :3

Well balanced and impressive vocals! However, I found the hihats on the high frequencies annoying after some moment because it was playing the whole music. Generally, I loved it :slight_smile:

really liking the atmosphere. got a cool leftfield ish sort of vibe paired with the drums. agree with brain claim on the high hats though.

cool old school electronica sound though nice one!