Sundancer - More Than Ever

This is the first track I did using Renoise in combination with VST’s and Reason.

All the sequencing is done in Renoise.

Actually I wanted to do the whole track in Renoise, but I couldn’t get the drums right, so I used Reason only for that. I found the sample layering clumsy, I missed the .rx2 loop support, and I missed the dynamics processors that I gotten used with (esp. Scream). Still learning tho’.

Pattern editing feels a bit strange, it’s like the whole music is not one continuous piece, but assembled from pieces. It is a bit geeky way making music, but it doesn’t bother me that much, I work as a programmer in ‘real life’ :)

Overall I love the program, and will keep using it. Can’t wait for version 3!


Decent tracking!

Sound very good to me. Can’t think of anything to criticize :D I enjoyed!
I find the pattern editing and the composing part a bit clumsy myself with renoise, but I can deal with it as long as the price stays at 60€ :D And it helps alot that you can record midi data. Hopefully they will make things a bit easier in the version 3 (especially the automation would need some developing imo.).