Sunrise (renoise 2.0 Xrns)

Just for fun released the XRNS of the song Sunrise.…amples_ogg.xrns (7,8MB)

Not only that, but the size of the song was too large to make it into the release of Renoise.
And you need the MDA talkbox plugin which you can freely download on here:

Have fun.

gonna check that out tomorrow, I just saw it :D
I think its gonna be great!

It does not sound as great as the original that uses the VSTI plugins though, but it works. (also without the MDA plugin it still sounds good, you’ll just lack some extra backing chord vocals)
Now was a good time to relisten again btw…
Did some mangling with the mixing again, so reupdated the song today.

I heard it and its really beautiful. Most i like is, that you released the xnrns of it, and not just the plain ogg / mp3.

So people (including me) can maybe learn something how your building up a track / fx’es / design of structurizing your tracks/patterns/chains etc.

At least i do, after hearing the whole song, start to ‘inspecting’ your tracks/patterns/chains.

I rather prefer a good song, then a bad one with better soundquality. Nevertheless you could also make a mp3/ogg available.

2thumbs up.

If you want to compare, here is the original rendered using the VSTI plugins: