Super Crunchy Phat Biting Bass

Hi all

I’m really quite a noob at Renoise and I am new to the forums so … hello!

I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me an idea how I can achieve the super crunchy phat biting bass sound that you hear with artists like Sabastian/Justice etc. A great example is when the bass drops in at the 50 sec mark on

I’ve try a few things, to no avail. Tutorials on the net always refer to Ableton or Logic or whatnot … things I don’t have :)

Hopefully someone can help!

PS Sorry if this has been asked many times before but I couldn’t find anything on search!

side chain compression

Layering basslines 2-3 times. Have one track for sub tones, one for middle and one for the highest frequencies. Keep the sub tone track clean and distort/LFO/whateverthefuckyouwant the others.

Here’s an example with 2 tracks for bass.

That bass is very stereo. Look for spread on unison or something. Or record the bass twice and pan hard L and R.
I can’t hear much side chain though…

WILD THING! uh uh uuuuuh

what bass ? :D you mean the synth stab ? you could try sidechain gating instead of sidechain compression, well it’s what i would try, anyway. ;]

Cool stuff, thanks for the tips guys.

I’ve indeed had some sucess in getting that heavy stero sound and by slighting offsetting the samples across the channels it gives it even more super stereo punch!

Still not sure exactly what “side chain compression” is, but I have indeed found out how to deploy teh Signal Follower to alter the compression on the bass line from the kick drum which definitely sounds better!

The Cabinet Distortion also works pretty well but it certainly takes a lot of fiddling to get it right.

Any more tips of course welcome!