Super Elite Renoise Users, A Few Questions.


I am putting together a “laptop studio”. (I have a fairly large electronic studio that I’m trying to get working together…but that’s another story and a big mess :) )

This studio will include my G4 powerbook, an audio interface(considering the firebox), a midi controller(considering the novation remote sl 25) and headphones(considering the AKG 271s)…

Renoise will be at the core of the system. But I want to include SuperCollider, Csound, and other applications in the pipeline. I’d guess that Renoise is suited for this. I’m excited that Renoise is around. I’ve been through two trackers(IT and Buzz), but Renoise seems to have a chance to last for awhile…

My main questions to the group are:

  1. Does anyone use Renoise to control hardware?
  2. Does Renoise play well with a controller such as the Remote SL 25? i i.e. one with a lot of knobs and routing options (it has two midi outs).
  3. What are your setups?

Thank you!

  1. & 2) there are no generic problems for Renoise playing hardware and being controlled by MIDI, other than the lack for aftertouch and the inability to associate MIDI messages to play/stop/record buttons

  2. I have a master keyboard (Oberheim MC 1000) and a MIDI controller (Berhinger BCR-2000). I also have a MIDI drumset (Roland TD-20) but I don’t use it as a MIDI input device because it would need a time resolution which is too high for Renoise

One note on the Remote SL 25, Renoise does not support any of the Automap features.