Supernatural Jazz - Drumfunk (Complete)

Morning All,

Spent a LOT of time over the last few days completing this track. Finished results are up -

The Good Dr - Supernatural Jazz

I might trim the track down a little - but need to step back and take a break from it now! Please let me know your opinions and comments.


-The Good Dr.

Amazing drum work and track, is it all Renoise? how did you get the groove? midi file, bash the pads or program them? where are the samples from? :drummer:

Thanks Dunks, that’s really inspiring!!

Is it all Renoise?

Got to come clean - all drums where programmed in FL Studio.

How did you get the groove? midi file, bash the pads or program them?

‘Da Fuzz and Da Boog’ drum sample. I sliced it to fit nicely @ 160bpm to work @ double time of the track (80bpm.) Main thing to get the ‘feel’ was to turn the snap off - just sit back and work bar by bar. I often turned off my monitor or shut my eyes to hear how it looped and felt without staring at the grid. My whole goal was to make something like the great breaks from the 70’s - and from a Drumfunk POV Paradox and Macc are my greatest inspirations. Once I had a groove going on that rolled and sounded human, it was down to re-arranging and doing edits to keep things going. All individual drum hits.

I actually bothered to individually name each slice from the break also, so I knew what I was working with. Sounds obvious, but visually was a BIG help.

Where are the samples from?

Jazz samples are taken from nunmerous packs I have stashed on my HD. If you mean the movie dialogue - it’s all Robert Wiseman’s ‘The Haunting’ (1963.) I dropped the last sample in as a nod to White Zombie when they used it back on ‘Super-Charger Heaven’ from Astro-Creep 2000. Was one of my favourite albums growing-up.

Fuzzy Haskins - The Fuzz and Da Boog (oops, was too slow! haha)


Awesome track The Good Dr! Liking it :)

Nice work.

I love drumfunk. That and breakcore are my favorite genres/subgenres right now.

Variation on sampling is really well done, but I think an abrupt break in the flow of drums might be helpful every once in a while.

Overall, nice job.

Cheers Guys - It means a lot to get your positive comments. I’m going to edit the track slightly to trim down the length, but beyond that I’m really happy how it’s turned out. It took me quite a while to find a ‘blueprint’ for my stlye and I feel this is it.

Glad what works for my ears and makes me want to get up and dance does for others!