Support For Receptor?

would Renoise be able to support a Receptor unit?

thinking of investing in one

If i look at the manual it seems just that you need to connect it using MIDI cables and connect the auxilaries to your PC/Mac audio card.
It will work, but the disadvantage is that all audio will run through one track.
For live gigging, this is a nice box that takes out some CPU stress of your desktop or laptop, but i would not buy it to do production with it if you have a Windows machine.
They seem to rather sell their own (type) plugins and you have no warranty your own will work 100%, just the fact that you need a windows compatible VST.
This last fact would make it attractive for Mac users to buy such device. At least a wide range of Windows plugins become reachable for a Mac user.
Next edition Renoise will have something nice to make this box utilisable, but the earlier above mentioned limitation still remains (only one output-stream can be processed so you can’t apply effects on individual plugins from within Renoise unless you controll the effects on the device with MIDI commands).

Have anybody tried out the Receptor <-> Renoise combination?
At least in theory this should be possible.