Surface Break

So at first I really liked the way this came out, but then after listening, I realized that I’ve done something weird. I don’t like how everything fits in, I think it sounds like a big free-for-all. But still, it deserves posting, because it’s the first track I’ve ever mastered (before that I didn’t even know what that word meant), so here it is:

Irthosis - Surface Break (glitch inspired progressive I guess? Well at least that’s what I was aiming at)

And yeah, HI!
I’m new here, still don’t have a Renoise license though, so please forgive the LQ Audacity line-out-line-in record.

Yeah you can feel this weirdness :) but sounds are nice.

Ive been recording same way hehe before, not so low quality, i atleast i dont feel diference, but sometimes i putted something on internet and I listen it later, i hear peep from windows and i thought " o f****" hehe