Surprise City

I’ve been in South America w/out any gear just my laptop, softsynths and a pair of headphones. Thoughts?

genre: liquid funk/dnb
tempo: 180bpm

The generic idea sounds nice, but almost every element of your song has a high repetitive rate which makes your song sound old very quick.Try to avoid repeating patterns or tracks more than two times in a row by simply duplicating the patterns and then make minor change here and there.
(e.g.:add a note or leave a note out, change the pace of the rhythm by shifting hihats and change their velocity values in a random fashion)

Thanks for the reply vV!You bring up a good point about the repetitiveness of this track. I was intentionally trying to create very repetitive sections but I may have over done it hehe. I’ll try tinkering a bit more to add some more sonic diversity and see if I can reach a better balance. Thanks again for listening!

Not a bad idea if your audience are zombies or you have crafted some device that responds on specific beats and notes. However it stays your work ofcourse, my suggestions are just recommendations, not commands :)

Haha! I’m pretty much the only audience I have and my resemblance to a zombie has been pointed out to me in the past. I even have 21 titanium screws in my face (for reals)!! I should try to find other zombies around the world so we can finally take over the KFC franchises and then the world!

Yeah, you should pan out the repetition section on longer blocks. Right now the repetition is too rapid. If the chord changes were for example twice slower it would already be a great improvement.

I liked it exactly BECAUSE it was repetitive. I wanted to hear something just like this right now. Maybe I’m a zombie too… :)

Glad you dig it man! Thanks for listening.

liked the intro, cool beat, like the 303, like the lead at the end. :)

Love the happiness and brightness in your music. Makes me feel good! Bright sound and beats.

Thank you for listening and the positive comments Alien7 and Jakob!