Sustain And Some Other Questions

Hey, I’m a total beginner to this. I’m a music student at university who is focusing mostly in composition. I’m really interested in using computers and digital techniques in composition, so I’ve started messing around a little with some programs and Renoise is one of them. Right now I’m just trying to learn the technology.

My first question is probably painfully obvious, I need to figure out how to sustain a note. I’ve edited my samples with a loop so when I go into the instrument panel and press down the key and hold it it sustains a single note for me. But how do I put that into the editor? So far I just have it striking on each separate line, how can I make it so the note holds over several of the lines?

My other question is about the whole editor window and how the lines work. I think I read in a tutorial that the default 64 lines represent a bar of 4/4. So I assume that means it’s just been broken down into 64th notes. Of course that’s arbitrary, because there’s really no time or accent until you put it in. Which leads me to my next question, is there a way I can speed up and slow down the playback so that each of those lines lasts for more or less time than the default?

Just a general question too, I don’t know much about digital effects and processing and stuff like that. If anyone could link me to some info about how basic effects work and what they do and how to adjust them and use them that’d be awesome. I mean things like delay, chorus, flanger, distortion, etc. But any other digital audio info would be awesome too.

Thanks a lot for the help!


Well about sustaining, you can always look at the video tutorials here:
They are made in 1.52, but the basics done in there still count for 1.8 (that’s why they are basic).
To make a sample play in sustain mode, you set the NNA option of the sample in the instrument properties to “continue” or “note-off”.

Note-off relies on the volume envelope and the fade-out value in the instrument editor)

Changing playback tempo from within the pattern editor is done using the effect column commands (

For the rest i would just browse these documents, because all your questions are answered there more or less. With more or less i also mean to say that you could just try-out some things here and there.
And then get back if you get any problem.

also don’t forget that all envelope curves have a “Sutain ON/OFF” buttons (look at the lower left corner of the image)

Thanks guys, that’s the stuff I was looking for.