Sustain pedal: combining VSTs with samples

Normally my sustain pedal works fine with XRNIs and VSTs, however, when I combine them it seems to cause the sampler to stop listening to my sustain pedal. Instead, only the VST is sustained, and the samples play as if I wasn’t holding down the pedal at all. It’s happened with every VST and sample combination I’ve tried. Is there an option for this or is it a bug?

Sustain pedal works differently for sample based instruments and VSTs, so mixing them will unfortunately not really work well.

For sample based instruments, notes are “held”, note offs will be send as soon as you release the pedal.
For VST/AU instrument, we’re passing the sustain pedal message to the plugin, so it can deal with it without changing the incoming note stream.

When combining both samples and plugins, we’ll do what needs to be done for plugins (only passing sustain pedal CC to the plugin), cause both ways of dealing with sustain unfortunately isn’t compatible.