Suva - Blue Eyes

Some say it’s elevator music. I think it’s much more than that. But either way. Comments more than welcome.

Suva - Blue I’s

Had a few more listens to this… Really like the cold yet joyous space this song creates. Maybe run it off to cassette tape to give it some airy presence?

Yeah, I used to do this to all my tracks before. But I don’t have cassette recorder anymore. Unfortunately. :(

EDIT: But I would be very happy if someone did this Digital -> Cassette -> Digital for me when I am finishing the album. I heard that VCR gives really nice touch to the sound. And I do have one VCR in closet which hasn’t find any purpose so far. Maybe I should try if I can figure out how to use the VCR for that purpose.

Really enjoyed listening to that… I look forward to hearing the album :)

Suva send me a PM about that mastering: I’ve a professional grade cassette deck recorder and it can do all the proper filtering like Dolby etc :)