Suva Talks About Renoise On Linux Seminar

I am at some sort of linux seminar in estonia. Just had my talk about Renoise. Surprisingly people didn’t throw any flames for me talking about commercial software. Instead they asked a lot of questions and were quite interested in the software. :)

I also played couple of tracks by Void Pointer and some stuff from Renoise demo songs.

What kind of questions did they ask?

(if its not too much to list :) )

Was this a LUG? Lightning Talk?

Good idea to talk about Renoise at a Linux assembly.

Ideally it’s some sort of LUG assembly yeah. Not too many people, only estonian Linux freaks 30 - 40 people. I don’t remeber all the questions.

I basically introduced Renoise, and didn’t get into too many details. My talk lasted about 30 minutes. Maybe some other time I’ll do a little workshop aswell somewhere. :)

Respect for your beard, btw :)

hehe, nice :)

Yeah, the beard is pretty epic :)