Suva - Untitled Track

Here is a track I made with Renoise. Linux version.

Now I am asking advice for what the video for this track should look like. What sort of feelings does the track arise? Give me a full storyboard for the video if you have this big ideas. :) I have gotten few ideas from other forums already. But I will use the best idea, so there is more room.

Although the equipment for producing the video won’t be VERY proffessional, we have some stuff so don’t let your ideas to get stuck behind “is it possible?” It probably is.

Also sound production advice is welcomed too.

One word: Techno viking dance party. With balloons.

(Think 50 techno vikings in one room)

Suva, in about 202-25 minutes I’ll have your track downloaded that you posted at the forum
i saw that no one replied there and was like wtf, it’s suva

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    i think whatever it ends up sounded like the video shouldn’t be as bad as the drumbient video
    wow… does time go backwards where you are? :P
    my bad, i didn’t correct that to 20-25 min
    haha yeah, pretty bad over here in caveman land
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    70% about 6 minutes left, Suva, if you aren’t hear, I’ll just type what I think in the forum, that way it looks like at least one person replied
    unless you’d like to liten to the mp3 and chime in first Byte?
    not to put you on the spot, but we could use your help so we don’t get another weird video
    5% of people looking at the song threads comment
    my theory anyway
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    i like to look and help out now and then, after all sometimes i post tracks there and like to find out what people would say
  • newform np: exp39 [04:49m/128Kbps/44KHz]
    Suva: that song brings visions of many techno vikings having a party
    with random eurodancing lamers in the background
    yeah it’s got an electro feel to it
    and balloons
    there must be balloons
    like a birthday party
    i think the video should have pretty girls in it, like pretty girls that have blue eyes with black hair
    or green eyes with black hair
    except technoviking raver style
    yeah, needs the viking rave in there
    and there has to be at least one Terror-EBM dancer there
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    and since you made it with the linux version of renoise maybe a viking penguine for the cheese effect
    i just posted something:
    d/ling shrubs
    ETA of file 25 minutes
    but i’m feeling charitable today
    doesn’t dubstep need superflouous reverb and delay?
    Suva, wonderful song, I say just don’t go overboard with the LSD effects of the drumbient and make a video with chicks in it
  • newform np: exp39 [04:49m/127Kbps/44KHz]
    I’m tellin you man… techno viking dance party
    yeah, nothing like chicks with two boney horns coming out of their chick viking helmets
    have you even seen techno viking?
    nope, what’s that?
    gotta see it on youtube
    the captioned version is best

this makes me happy