Sux0r 2.0 _beta1

Hey all,

I’m running this of a $9.99/Month shared server so please have patience if things are slow. Or better yet, download and install sux0r on your machine and give me some feedback.

Short story long mullet, I quit my job in April and have been working on this project every day up until now. It’s an extensible content management system (CMS) built around the principles of Naive Bayesian probabilistic content.

In addition to being a blog, RSS aggregator, bookmark repository, photo publishing platform, and OpenID 1.1 client/server… sux0r 2.0 allows users to maintain multiple lists of Naive Bayesian categories. These category lists (i.e vectors) can be shared with other users. Thus allowing groups to share, train, and use sux0r together.

So yay for me! I’m celebrating by spreading the news and drinking at home, alone. I guess tomorrow I look for a new job.

Good times.

Good to see your time well spent.

Umm… for us web2.0.Noobs what does all this mean? Can a dunce like me use it?

Looks quite nice.
I am going to bookmark this one and have a closer look later.

I thought the Basement Wigger had a new track up there for a sec…
But I was browsing the wrong forum anyway.

Anyway, sounds nifty! If, like Mark, I understood what it was about ;)
But congrats on a project completed, captain! Nothing beats being
unemployed, except poverty.

unemployment rox. When i was working last, i felt like killing myself and nearly had a heart attack from lack of exercise and excess caffeine… then when i quit i got fit&healthy, had an awesome holiday and finally learnt how to cook properly… oh yeah, put me in the mark&botb basket…what does this thing do…?

Hey guys, right now sux0r is a CMS with neat-0 Bayesian Filtering. So yeah, if you’re interested in running a website and don’t mind a crazy “fuzzy logic” tagging system built in. You can use sux0r like you would wordpress or drupal or whatever else. It also does a good job at being an RSS aggregator.

The medium to long term pipe dream is “nodes.” Think of a “node” as a blog. This blog can be an individual, or a group of likeminded individuals. This node is self-governing / self-reliant.

Think of Facebook as a “social network”. Facebook is fun and convenient. This is good. Facebook is centralized and competing against similar services for your serfdom. This is questionable.

Think about “parallel refactoring” as a personal blog. The blog is about a three legged cat named mittens and the inspiration this cat gives people when that person takes it to the hospital as part of their weekly volunteering. Within that blog there is a link to a cat food store in my region. I’m looking for a cat food store. Show me the link, not the blog.

Think of “information exchange” like a BBS running Frontdoor back in the days of Fidonet.

Currently there’s the OpenMicroBlogging initiative that I’m keeping an eye on, but right now sux0r doesn’t do anything of the sort.

Furthermore, I’m less interesting in “pushing” information, more interested in “intelligent pulling.” I mean if the information is public, a fuzzy logic probabilistic paradigm can get the info regardless of permission. Do you really need someone’s authentication to read something already in the public domain?

The easiest way to get started is to:

  1. create a profile
  2. login
  3. go to your profile page
  4. click “Edit Bayes”
  5. set up a few category lists / vectors

Once you have a list with more than two items, then Blog, Feed, and Bookmarks will reveal the Naive Bayesian interface. There’s no filtering in the Photos module yet. Not enough text to justify it.

I’ll try to make a YouTube video showing a few of the features soon. I will also write some documentation. Technical writing is not my forté. Contributions in this department are very welcome.

i can’t log in with my openid account… is this intentional? (tried “register” and “login” with openid. both told me, that i’d had an invalid identity)
Do I have to create an openid account on your server (which would be kindof against the idea of openid ^^)?

No, this is a bug.

I’m able to login/register using and that’s what I tested with.

I rolled my own OpenID client/server based on phpMyID so I’m guessing there are kinks to work out.

Can you give me more details? Maybe I can create an account with your provider and work from there?

I am my own provider. I am using phpMyID aswell. It works with other pages (like

Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t give you more info. I just enter my openid url into the input field and it directs me to the “invalid identity” page… no log or anything like that.

OpenID problem “solved” for now. Thanks for all your help MarvelousMarvin!

So, you explained it, but not really. Why should I be compelled to use this? How is it going to enhance my life?

Well, then it’s not for you dude.

Use another CMS, or don’t use any, or use MySpace, or whatever you want. Nothing wrong with choice.

I’m really looking forward to giving this one a spin. There’s zillions of content management systems out there, so props for doing something different.

Alright, after a month of beta testing and minor fixes, I’m ready to call this endeavor 2.0 FINAL.

Demo site:


A YouTube video showing how to get started with Naive Bayesian categorization:

There are a lot more features than just Naive Bayesian categorization in this Yet Another CMS, but i’ll leave that up in the air right now.

Thanks for reading.