Sux0r - Bayesian Rss

Well, after wasting all my spare time coding…

sux0r - Bayesian RSS
it sux0rs up all da news…

Bayesian filtering is the process of using Bayesian statistical methods to classify documents into categories. Right now it’s used a lot for SPAM filtering, but my theory is that after classifying enough news items under “Good” & “Whack” the computer will be able to pick out which news interests you, automatically. I will be opening up the source-code after a couple weeks of testing. Feel free to create an account and provide feedback and new RSS feeds. (you’ll need an account to use the Bayesian filter).

Thank you for your time.

Source-code has been released.


Haven’t been updating this pile…

I couldn’t fall asleep until 8 am and i was back up at 11?! Anyways… Went on a coding binge and 1.5 is out.

sux0r can now generate an RRS feed. An optional customized combined news feed is available for logged in users. Config-template variables were added for site $TITLE and $DESCRIPTION. Bug fixes were made. Cache and refresh tweaks were done.