Swap Sample Channnel

I have cheap question.
How to swapping stereo sample’s L and R in Sample Editor with no using any other plugin?

do a forum search! Working On Only Left/Right Channel?

Working on left and right separately is different to swapping left and right channels. Although I don’t think it is possible either (thought it might of been an option on Stereo Expander or Gainer but can’t see it) so final answer is the same. Although it could be done native in Renoise it would be quite a pain of a workaround.

That topic is talking about something slightly different, though.

There is actually an interesting little trick that I’ve discovered, but it only works correctly with sounds that have an even number of samples.

Notice that my sound has a length of 436 samples, as shown in the selected range: [0 - 436]

Also notice the two buttons I’ve highlighted. The first is Reverse, the second is Cross Reverse.

What you need to do is…

  • Cross Reverse
  • Reverse
  • Cross Reverse again

After doing this, the Left and Right channels will now be swapped.

Just remember that it only works with an even number of samples. If you try it with an odd number of samples, then you will get 1 ‘bad’ misplaced sample that appears in the middle, as a side effect of the cross reversing process. If your sound has an odd number, then simply add an extra sample of silence to the end before applying the process.

Interesting Dblue, and after looking at what Cross Reverse does it acutually makes sense, but I’ve never really used that button so didn’t think about it. Lot easier than method I was thinking it would be possible (Play sample in two tracks, mono of left, mono of right, panned to opposite sides then render selection to sample.)

A dedicated swap L/R function would still be the most ideal option, and would be incredibly simple to add from a programming point of view, so it definitely gets my vote as a simple-yet-useful addition.

In the meantime, this little hack does work quite well :)

I bet it could be done in Lua?

wow, Awesome! you’re my hero!
Thanks to you I can make work easier.

Just apply “0” delay with muted source and inverted pan, left output pan to right,and right to left.

note to self: do a script which swaps channels

Except that you can never truly set the delay to exactly zero, therefore it will introduce a shift into your sample. Some amount of silence will be added to the beginning of the sample, and some amount of audio data will be trimmed from the end.

Anyway, Conner is quite right: it would be easy enough to script this, and it looks like It-Alien is already planning to do so.

It should be possible as a function in Sample Editor anyway.

Also feel it should be one of the options of the Stereo Expander as it is modifying the stereo field.

Sample Channels Swapper tool

Yeah, and its just completely kill small samples. What should i say… ooops :)

Cool! Thanks a lot!